We are a FRC team that mainly conists of junior high school and senior high school students in Chiba, Japan.

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Our team founder, Kanon, was a former member of FRC Team 2500 Herobotics from MInneapolis, Minnesota and started SAKURA Tempesta in her hometown, Chiba, Japan, because she wanted to stay involved in FRC after she came back to Japan.

Since our formation in June, 2017, we’ve been putting our efforts into our activities under our team missions.

Team Missions

We provide more people with free opportunities to learn engineering, no matter what circumstances they are under, or who they are.

By participating in FRC, we encourage high school students, especially young women, to be more interested in STEM and create the future that anyone can foster their skills in STEM.

– We will increase the number of Japanese FRC Teams in order to hold an FRC Regional in Japan.




We build our robot in 6-week-long building season that starts from the first Saturday of January every year. In off-season, we have workshops and oraganize/particiapte in many outreach events. Also, we do crowdfunding and visit our sponsors all year round to compete at regionals and championship. Unfortunately, there is no regional in Japan, so we usually join Hawaii regional in March. In case we have successful funding, we compete at more than one regional.


 2017 10/12: Kit and Kickoff regisration opens.
2018 11/19: Kit and Kickoff regisration closes.

2019 1/5: Kickoff

2/19: Stop build day

3/27~3/30: Hawaii Regional

4/24~4/27: FIRST Championship in Detroit (if qualified)

Team Founder

Kanon Nakajima 

Hi! I’m Kanon! I actually had no knowledge about robotics or engineering until I joined FRC Team 2500 Herobotics when I was an exchange student there because there barely were opportunities to learn about them in my high school in Japan. At first, I did not join the team because I was fond of robotics, but through working with them, I was very inspired and now I really like robotics! I was very sad when I needed to come back to Japan, but some mentors and memebers of Herobotics encouraged me to start a FRC team in Japan! With support provided by them, I was able to start the third FRC team in Japan!

Sometimes, people see engineering as a brain surgery subject to learn though they don’t actually know about it. In Japan, it is very difficult to get opportunities to learn it at normal high schools and if you’re a high school student, you can only learn it at schools which are specialized in teaching them.

Luckily, more than 50% of our team is female. So we are hoping to encourage many people especially young women and high schoolers to learn or to be interested in engineering by offering information of us working in FRC, many outreach events and opportunities for them to join our workshops!

I really appreciate if you could cheer us on!

Want to be a member/mentor?

We always seek people who are interested in our team and want to help us in some way.

We are willing to have you in our team as a member, a mentor, a partner(sponsor), or/and a supporter!

Please contact us through the email below!↓


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Team Video

Robot Reveal Video