Wai girl Hiroba “Make my own fan” (8/16)

Our first summer workshop, “Let’s make a fan just for you!”, has successfully ended! Huge thanks to one of our partners, Leave a Nest, for letting us have this wonderful opportunity!

Leave a Nest helped us a lot with foundation of writing a startegic plan and funding! Today, we held 3 workshops, which were so popular wmong kids that there were no seats left in all of them! In the workshop, we taught them how fans are structured by taking them apart together! We also got to teach them how the shape of propeller affect the wind produced by the fan by cahnging the material and shape of propellers. We’re so happy that everyone enjoyed it!

There were some other worksops held by us! All kids got to engage in their projects with great passions!

We can’t wait to hold more outreaches to spread the fun of making things!!


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