Offline Meeting(2021/1/17)

 Today, a total of nine members, including new members who joined SAKURA Tempesta recently and mentors, gathered at Chiba Institute of Technology to clean up and maintain our robot.
 After attending an on-line meeting on the Chairman award in the morning together, the new members learned how to use various tools and the objectives of FRC. I was able to spend a meaningful time learning the mechanism of two robots, Kurou (2018-19 season) and Wurou (2019-20 season), and how to use tools I have never used before.
  In the afternoon, we repaired damaged parts of Wurou, and then went out to test the robot’s maneuvering and to improve the robot control program. The new members challenged driving the robot for the first time. Veteran members rechecked the fixed hardware and programming of Wurou and successfully completed the challenge mission.
  After that, we tidy up the cluttered shelves for tools and robot parts for this building season.  It was difficult to sort small parts and heavy tools, but I enjoy doing that because I was able to know the names and uses of the parts while sorting.
  It is difficult to gather off-line due to COVID-19 pandemic, but we were able to meet off-line to complete our mission with plenty of countermeasures such as opening both windows and the room door, separating the work table by acrylic partitions, wearing masks, and using alcoholic spray. It was a big step towards our success for this FRC season.

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