FLL tour @ Tokyo Institute of Technology

Today, we visited Tokyo Institute of Technology to see FLL East Japan Regional! FLL is one of the programs provided by FIRST for elementary school students and middle school students.


This year’s FLL theme is “HYDRO DYNAMICS”!

Many kids were chowing their researches on environmental issues regarding to the theme at their pits!

Many of them were very creative and it was an honor to listen to them presenting their very interesting solutions.

Also, we got to meet one of the heads of FIRST Japan, Mr.Kondo!


We met our local FLL team “TSUDANUMA∞” there!!

We even got to give a presentation with Indigo Ninnjas!!



To our surprise, the kickoff is coming soon!! We can’t still believe that we made our way here, but we’ll try our best!

Thank you all so much for your support!


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