We went to FLL Jr. International Open Japan which was held for two days at Portmesse Nagoya to join as volunteers and to run an exhibition stand!

There were participants (6 to 10 years old), coaches and companions of 22 teams from 11 different countries at this competition.

On the first day, there were activities for them such as icebreaking and experiencing traditional Japanese culture. Also, teams worked on models of 2018 FLL Jr. theme,”Mission Moon” in pairs. Their models were very impressive although they didn’t have much time to do it.

On the second day, each team showed their models and solutions of “Aqua Adventure”(2017 season’s FLL Jr. theme) at te pit and gave a presentation about it in front of judges. After that, they all moved to LEGO LAND JAPAN and continued the activities until the closing ceremony.

We got to see some of the presentations at Review Room with the judegs and we were all very amazed since they have done really great job despite their young age!  In addition, believe it or not, this activity was all done in English and English is not thier home language for most of the participants! But they were still very professional in giving presentations to the judges and in communicating with them!

We believe this was not only that we were able to let many people of all ages know about FRC, but that this outreach became a part of our first step to promote FRC in Japan.



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