Detroit Day 5

We went into the pit at 7 o’clock and attended the award ceremony and alliance selection from 7:30. Unfortunately, we could not make it since we had lots of problems with our robot on the first day, however, we luckily won Rookie Inspiration Award!

Here’s the comment from FIRST for winning the Rookie Inspiration Award.

“This team planted a tree of FRC in a new land
and grow their team into a community basis resource. In the future they plan to grow from 1 tree team into a 10 tree regional. ”






After the ceremony, we packed everything up and completed the shipping process to send back our robot to Japan!

In the evening, we attended the closing ceremony at Ford Field, watched the finals of FTC and FRC, and heard some speeches from amazing people such as Dean Kamen, Don Bossi and Woodie Flowers! At the end of the closing ceremony, we watched a video for the next FLL Jr., FLL, FTC and FRC game themes! The next theme of FRC is “DEEP SPACE”!! Sounds really cool, right? We literally can’t wait to play for the next FRC season!

Gather your squad today | FIRST LAUNCH 2019

It was almost impossible for us to make it to the championship, but we did it and we even won an award at the worlds! We all are really surprised but very gratified that we were able to make this accomplishments all in our rookie year. We will be doing our best for our future with all the experiences we had in our rookie year! Thank you all so much for believing in us and for providing us with constant supports!



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