Decide to qualify for the World Competition

Today was the last day of FRC Hawaii Regional. We were able to do pretty well in the matches even though this year is our first year in FRC and in Engineering! We are so happy that we also made it to the finals!


Our final rank was 10th out of 37th!!! We were so surprised and also are proud to be this good in the matches.


We graciously would like to inform you that…

WE WILL BE AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT DETROIT IN LATE APRIL by winning Rookie All Star Award!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Also, we won Highest Rookie Seed Award and our team captain, Kanon, won Dean’s List Award!


We couldn’t be here without all the support from you and from our great mentors, parents and members! Thank you all so much for always cheering us! We will do our best inspiring more people in Japan to STEM and to FIRST!

We hope to make an FRC regional in Japan soon!


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