Interaction with Autodesk

On July 25th, we had a chance to talk to the president and CEO of Autodesk along with a few other students!

We gave them a speech about our activities. Though our robot hat some technical difficulties during the demonstration, we managed to get through it.

We also got to listen to students’ interesting stories about them making spacecrafts and space elevators!

There is a technical seminar we are planning to attend to that Autodesk has organized for us!
Thanks to Autodesk for all of the support!!

(日本語) リコチャレに向けた打ち合わせ

We will hold an event for female junior and senior high school students as a part of Rikochare with BOSCH Co.
Today we have visited BOSCH to attend the final meeting for this program.
We’ve had many applications for this event, but unfortunately, we couldn’t let everyone join.
Our hope is to provide programs to everyone who are interested in participating.
Therefore, there may be another event held by BOSCH Co. and SAKURA Tempesta around December!!
We hope you will have a great time at the event!!
Us members of SAKURA Tempesta will do our best for the program.

(日本語) ミスミ様訪問(7/18)

On the 17th of August, a workshop for junior and senior high school students will be held by MISUMI Group Inc. and SAKURA Tempesta. Today, we have visited MISUMI Group Inc. and got very specific advice on our prototype robot for the workshop. We don’t have many opportunities to get advice from engineers, so it was a very interesting experience for us. The office we have visited had many tools, parts, machines and they were all fascinating. We would like to iron out all of the suggestions and make a wonderful workshop!