Interaction with Autodesk

On July 25th, we had a chance to talk to the president and CEO of Autodesk along with a few other students!

We gave them a speech about our activities. Though our robot hat some technical difficulties during the demonstration, we managed to get through it.

We also got to listen to students’ interesting stories about them making spacecrafts and space elevators!

There is a technical seminar we are planning to attend to that Autodesk has organized for us!
Thanks to Autodesk for all of the support!!

Symposium (6/8)

On June 8th, we held a booth and promoted Rikochare with BOSCH in Japan at Science and Technology Agency Tokyo Headquarters (K’s Gobancho)!

You can make a cleaning robot in Rikochare on July 28th. The application form will open on June 14th, so please apply from the link below!!!

Also, We had a really great time with the companies and schools that also had booths. Thank you very much








Production diary①

The other day we set up a safety fence for robot practice. Safety first!

The main tasks of our robot this season are
· Place the ball (about 33 cm) in the designated place on the field.
· Attach the disc panel (about 48 cm) to the designated place of the field.
· Climb the 16 cm and 33 cm steps.

Everyone puts out a plan so that we can earn more points, and we are trying hard while trial and error!