Sponsor Night!

Last night, we invited our partners and supporters to our sponsor night!

All members had time to introduce themselves. We also explained our robot’s mechanism and program, game rules, our team, and so on! We are so glad that we got to create an opportunity to spend a very meaningful time with all of our partners and supporters.

We can’t be more thankful for your continued support. We’ll do our best at Hawaii Regional in week 5! Cheer us on!


Last week, we visited CYBERDYNE at Tsukuba and met with their CEO, Dr. Yoshiyuki SANKAI. We first talked about past FRC season’s accomplishment and then we got to hear his very inspiring story and super high-tech inventions.
His unlimited cutting-edge ambition for technology was very interesting and, again, very much inspired us! We had so much fun that we almost forgot about the time. We even got to see their new robot suit named HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb), which is the world’s first cyborg-type robot.
Despite of their very busy schedule, we are very grateful that we were able to have all these opportunities. Thank you so much!

Center of Garage

Yesterday, we visited Center of Garage, which is a brandnew facility ran by Leave a Nest. They took us a tour in the facility and even gave us a lecture to make good packets for our future projects. It definetly was a great time thinking how we are expected to carry out our projects and finding something that we’ve never thought important were actually very essential. Thank you so much and we hope to build a strong partnership with you.