Members and Mentors

2018-2019 Season


Kanon Nakajima ~Founder (Public Relations, Management and Building Team)~

Hi! I’m Kanon! I love learning English, watching movies and reading! I’m very fond of Harry Potter!👍 I hope I will be able to do my best with my team because there’re many challenging stuffs and I love them!



Rinna ~Treasury manager (Public Relations + Management)~

Hi! I’m Rinna! I’m not really good at robotics, but I work on public relations and treasury management for my team based on some experiences I had before.


Kaoru Maeda ~Public Relations Leader~
I’m kaoru. I decided to join this team because I love robots since I was a child! I’ve never made a robot and I’m a beginner of robotics but I’ll do my best!




Yuuhi Sonehara(Huey) ~Driver, Public Relations, Building Team, Photographer~
Hi! I’m Huey from Japan! I’m a beginner of programming and engineering. But I want to learn about it hard and contribute to my team!




Yuto Nakajima ~Building Team~
Hello, I’m Yuto. I’m mainly concerned in developing hardware. I’ve made robots for about four years, so I want to make use of this experience in joining this project.



Moeno Hayashi ~Software~


I joined FRC team during studying abroad and I learned some programming there. I want to use my experiences for this team!


Hirose~Software,Web Designer~

I’m Hirose.I joined this team because I  was interested in programming and robots.I’ll do my best!


Aya Nakamura ~Public Relations~


I may have something I have not understand, but I will act willingly as a member of the team. Thank you.



Junior Mentor

Noi Tatsuzaki ~Mechanical Designer~

I’m Noi Tatsuzaki. I really like robots since I was little and have already made 6 robots by myself!  I work with people who work on hardware in this team. I’d like to enjoy robotics, taking the advantage of my experience.





Asuka Nisio ~Public Relations~

I am mainly in charge of publicity and management, and we are currently preparing public relations magazines. Thank you.


Ayumi Uemura ~Public Relations~

I am a complete begginer, but i’m hoping to get involved in the group as actively as possible. Thank you.





Yoshinga Lab. The University of Tokyo
Programming Mentor

2014: Join HOT Team (Team 67) Semi-finalisti in the World Championship
2016: Mentor in HOT Team