We really appreciate all the generous support provided for our team this season.

We could not make this amazing accomplishment without you.



We cannot be more grateful for your sincere support as a Tempesta sponsor since our rookie season. It is our great honor to hold many outreach events with you!






Research & Solution Co., Ltd.

It is our great honor to have you as one of the Tempesta sponsors for your generous financial support. We very much look forward to carrying out joint projects with you. Thank you for your continued support.



Toho Junior and Senior High Schools Shu-shi kai

In addition to monetary support, they provide us with a mentor.



MISUMI Group Inc.

supplies us with free robot parts. The majority of our robot’s parts comes from MISUMI. We are so glad that we can use their helpful and innovative ordering system, meviy, in addition to C-navi (configurable mechanical components navigation service). Thank you very much.


Nulab Inc.

We are so glad that we can use your awesome service for free; We use Backlog for team mangement, and Cacoo for publicity materials. Thank you so much for your generous support.




Progate offers us a free plan for 20 people. Progate is easy to learn without waste, so we can look back immediately when you do not understand. Therefore, it is very useful for improving the team’s programming ability.


SCHUNK Intec. K.K.

Thank you, Schunk Carbon Technology Japan KK, for your generous financial support. Also, it was very cool and meaningful for us to visit your showroom and learn about the gripping systems!



We appreciate you, YMIRLINK, for your generous financial support. Also, thank you for the candy flower bouquet at the sponsor night! We totally loved it!






Thank you so much for supplying the funds and providing us with a workshop for fusion360.


Shiratori Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We’re so glad that you decided to support us from this season. We really appreciate your financial support.


Altech Corporation

Thank you, Altech Corporation, for your financial support and giving us an outreach opportunity. It was really fun visiting your robot competition and demonstrating our robot there.





Nakajima Alloy Castings Co., Ltd

We are supported by financial assistance since last year.Thank you very much.


SAKURA Internet Inc.

We are so glad that we can use Sakura’s rental server for free.
We use this for our web site, as the mail server, and so on.
Thank you so much for your generous support.




It is our great pleasure to have you as one of the partners for your financial support. It was one of our coolest experiences to meet Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai who invented the Robot Suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb).


Agos Japan

Thank you so much for supplying the funds.


National Instruments

Thank you so much for providing us with a free RoboRIO before building season.


Fusion360 workshophere


Chiba Institute of Technology

We cannot be more thakful to you, Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT), for supporting us (providing us with workspace, tools, mentors, etc) since the very beginning! We LOVE CIT!



We are supported not only in terms of finance but also in terms of PR -team T-shirts, business card and etc.
D&P media offers us a mentor who gives us advice from different sides.
Thanks to the company, more and more people are becoming interested in our activities.